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I have tended to be perfectionist, very all or nothing. If I can't do something 'perfectly', what's the point in even trying? So,when trying to schedule time to play with my son, I would be really crippled by trying to find the perfect time, where I wouldn't be interrupted, where the other 2 children were occupied by someone else, where I was rested (Ha!).... it just didn't exist.

Thankfully, I am learning to see every moment as perfect! I would like to be in the playroom for 2 hours. Still, a delicious one minute game in the kitchen where I am fully present with my son, feeling my heart fill with joy as he says 'Tickle!' and I raise my fingers in anticipation and wiggle them, watching his eyes sparkle with anticipation is AMAZING! Let me share with you the delicious moment we had today!

I was sitting on the couch beside Jay and he turned to me and said 'Tickle!'. We played a rousing game of tickle for a while, then I thought, 'How can I vary this game?' I played around with requesting more than one word, like 'Tickle foot', and he followed through. Though I was enjoying it, I wanted more. So I started to ask him to tickle me. Guess what? He did! I really don't like being tickled, but I loved it today. Then, I remembered that we are working on Jaedon understanding gestures, starting with pointing. So, I enthusiastically showed him where to tickle me by pointing to the spot. At first, I accompanied the point with "Look at where I want to be tickled!" He got it and did I get tickled! (he was patiently waiting for his tickle, but was indulging my request and enjoyed my laughter) After a few tries,I just pointed to my tickle spot. He still got it and tickled away!

The game would have gone on for a while, but I stopped it to do something else. It lasted maybe 15 minutes. A few minutes later, Jay came to find me and verbally requested our game again! I had to tell him that this was the last round.

So, my learnings:
• there may never be a perfect moment to play
• all moments are perfect for play
• 1 minute, 15 minutes, 1 hour are all wonderful amounts of time for play. It's never too short or too long!
So go ahead. Take the restraints off. Grab 60 seconds and play with your special person. It may go on for more, or it may not. No matter what, that minute of play will be delicious!
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